Below is the best AA speakers and NA

These are some of the best AA speakers and some NA speakers. I’m even added some CA speakers in recovery. My favorite AA tapes are below there is even a copy of Stevie Ray V.

My experience with recovery has taught me to search for other ways to get help and AA tapes can be a big help. There were times when it was 4 am in the morning and I was really struggling with some aspect of recovery.It was at this time when I discovered listening to some of these speaker tapes really helped me get through things.

My personal favorite speaker is (Bob E) who helped me through several tough times when nobody else could. This guy really talks about different aspects of healing in recovery.

If anyone is having a tough time in recovery just listen to my best AA speakers.

Check them out below !!!

This next AA speaker is also Bob.E. It was recorded low so you will have to turn up your volume. The volume may be best on a PC or laptop, some phones you can barely hear it.This is a really cool speech about sex and relationships in recovery. I apologize for the low volume,but these are the best recordings I could find.I am simply doing my small part to share SS speakers and other recovery material to help others stay sober.

These AA speaker tapes have helped me several times when I couldn’t find any other help in recovery.I will be the first to admit I always had problems asking anyone for help in recovery. Listening to these AA speakers gave me some hope when all hope seemed to be lost.

Awesome free AA speakers nonetheless.

This next one is another great talk from Bob E. The following is another one of my favorites of all time.I have listened to many great AA speakers ,but Bob E has helped me the most. He has an awesome sense of humor guaranteed to lift the spirit. You are guaranteed to laugh and enjoy this AA speaker.

I know the recordings are not the best for audio some are downright terrible, but listening to the message was so worth it. I found it best to listen to these AA speakers on a PC or laptop rather than a phone.

This tape wins the award for funny AA speakers

I will be adding more free AA speakers. Plus I am making sure to add several NA speakers also. Perhaps I will add more videos on recovery. Maybe leave some comments on what you guys would like.

I have listened to some of these speaker tapes over and over and each time it gave my recovery a boost. In my first few years of recovery all I was looking for was some hope and listening to these speakers gave me just that.

Please check back for updates. If you have any request please let me know. I have an easy contact form on the Reaching out page HERE.

 More free AA speakers below.

These speakers are really worth listening to. There is some great NA speakers also. All I suggest is to honestly give them a try, which can be hard in the beginning of recovery.

I do hope you give some of this recovery material a chance even if you happen to be a hardcore NA member.

I know it was really hard to pay attention to anything for more than 5 minutes in my early days.These are some really great AA speaker tapes and worth the time. I even suggest listening to these more than once which may sound kinda silly, but it worked for me and still does.

AA speakers and NA speakers

These speakers are great for people who are isolated or just have a tough time reaching out for help. I do hope listening to these AA speakers online helps you.

It just might heal your spirit a little.

This site is built to work on cell phones. So save it on there also. I listened to some of these tapes 20 times and they still help me.

Wishing you the best spiritual journey just for today.

best AA speakers and NA speakers

Enjoy these great speakers from AA and NA. Leave a comment or “like” if you enjoyed anything. Stop by my healing quotes page and take what you like. Thanks for visiting and helping my fellow brothers and sisters.

The first one above is Benji W best NA speakers

The next one is Micky B, funny AA speakers

Here are some more great speakers on recovery and addiction. There are several good ways to share recovery with fellow addicts. Listening to a great AA speaker tape can do wonders for anyone struggling with recovery.

This next one is Chris R, good AA speakers

This next one is Mark H,  Great NA speakers

This next one is Bryan K, NA speakers

This is the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan AA speaker

We all miss Stevie Ray Vaughan this was the only time he was recorded speaking about recovery that I know of.

This is Sandy B on spiritual principles AA speaker

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aa speakers on tapeStay strong by listening to some AA speaker tapes every week.It really does help.

I will be adding more to the best AA speakers very every week.

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best speaker tapes

I have heard all kinds of AA speakers over the years and these are the best speakers on recovery in my opinion.Some of the best AA speakers can be found on places like YouTube also. I have listened to some of the best AA speakers online over the years.

I use the term AA speakers for every kind of speaker from NA to AA to keep it simple. These speaker tapes really do help change your thinking.

The site has been going through a few changes lately so check back for new AA speakers soon. If you are in recovery and find it hard to get one on one help give these speaker tapes a few tries.In the beginning it was hard to listen to anything for an hour, but it does help so don’t give up. I used to say things like ” just for today I can stay clean”.So I could make it through that one day and listening to some of these best  AA speakers did help.

Recovering from addiction is tough.If you know anyone having problems with addiction,ask them to listen to a few AA tapes.I also try to share my free AA tapes on twitter and Facebook.I do hope you can help me by sharing my recovery material thanks.